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East St. Louis Fire House #422

AES personnel/engineer was hired to design engineering systems for the existing fire station #422 in East St. Louis, Missouri. The facility consists of a 2-story 35,000 square foot building that was previously destroyed by fire. The project involved the demolition of the existing systems and redesign of new HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems for the building.

The HVAC new system involved the design and installation of two rooftop unit with direct-expansion cooling and gas-fire heating; each rooftop unit served a dedicated floor of the building. The ventilation system involved the design and installation of propeller fans in the bay area to meet the code required outdoor air while maintaining an acceptable rise in the space temperature of the bay area (above the outdoor ambient). The bay area also involved the design and installation of a new emergency exhaust system for the fire trucks, as well as gas fire seal combustion unit heaters. Roof-mounted exhaust fans systems were designed to relief some of the exhaust requirements from spaces such as toilets, break rooms, firemen rooms and janitors closets.

The plumbing water mains and waste risers serving the floor were reused in the new plumbing design. The plumbing design included a new high efficiency water heater, water closets, lavatories, kitchen sinks, floor drains, and water faucets.

The fire protection system involved the design of an automatic fire sprinkler system and a performance specification based on a light hazard classification according to NFPA 13. Pendent, upright and sidewall sprinkler heads were specified in various areas of the floor and the coverage area and spacing was determined by applicable codes.