“Building Relationships through Affordable Engineering Excellence”

Dennis and Judith Jones Performing Arts and Teen Center, St. Louis, MO.

The project was a 2-story, 35, 000 square foot building addition to the original Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club of St. Louis; namely Dennis and Judith Jones Performing Arts and Teen Center. AES personnel were responsible for the design of the HVAC system, which involved the constant air volume rooftop units with direct expansion cooling and gas fired heat. The new addition was zoned by taking advantage of the varying building solar orientations, occupancy, usage and hours of operation of the various zones.

Each zone was served by a dedicated rooftop unit that provided the code required ventilation for indoor air quality. Cooling capacity control was achieved by specifying direct expansion rooftop units with multiple and/or modulating compressors. Carbon dioxide sensors were incorporated in the design in high occupancy spaces to modulate the ventilation requirement by varying the ventilation amounts. The exhaust requirements for restroom, janitorial closets and kitchen areas were handled by roof-mounted up-blasted centrifugal exhaust fans. The design also included a kitchen exhaust hood system conforming to NFPA 96.